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Professionally certified and insured home boarding.
Licence no: 4/2018

Boarding requirements
Due to being such a specialised field, we have to be extremely careful to make sure every dog we take into our home is suitable for home boarding to provide minimal stress to every dog in our little ‘pack’. This means that sadly it is not a simple case of calling on the day you are going away to book your dog in for the first time, we have put steps in place to ensure the safety to every dog in our care.

All dogs must pass a strict assessment to be allowed to stay in our home boarding facility. This means every dog staying with us must be: 

•    Sociable with all breeds and sizes of dog
•    Fully vaccinated
•    Vaccinated against the kennel cough
•    Flea treated and wormed
•    Microchipped
•     Male dogs over the age of 12 months must be castrated. We also cannot take any bitches in season.
•    All guests must be in a clean, well groomed condition

.    Puppies must be over 6 months of age

Please note: the kennel cough vaccine does not fully protect against all strains of kennel cough, and the kennel cough itself is not limited to ‘kennels’. It is a highly contagious airborne disease which can be caught by simply walking your dog in the same area that an infected dog walked through hours earlier. We request this vaccine to minimize the risk to the dogs in our care, as with a pack of ten dogs an airborne disease can spread quickly. We have fortunately never had an outbreak at our home.

If your dog fits these criteria, you will be invited to our premises for an assessment, where we will meet your dog to see how he behaves in such a new environment and around new people. If any aggression is shown during this first visit we will not take your dog; we do not care if your dog is only small, or he only moans, or he doesn’t bite hard, aggression is aggression and we will not be able to take them here.

We also use this opportunity to fill in all required paperwork and talk through your dog’s routine, feeding regime and any medical concerns to discuss whether home boarding is suitable for your dog.

Once we have discussed everything so we know how to make your dog as comfortable and happy as possible, we can arrange a trial day for your dog to stay with us just for the day. This is the first time he will be introduced to the other dogs staying for home boarding, and this is when we can be certain whether home boarding is suitable for him. Unfortunately, although your dog may be sociable, some dogs are simply overwhelmed by more than two or three dogs at a time, and would be happier in a quieter home. Although we ensure each dog gets some unique one-to-one time with us, ‘quiet time’ and plays with dogs that are of a similar personality, some dogs also prefer being with humans and don’t really get the most out of their holiday with us as they don’t want to play with the other dogs, which was the whole purpose of our establishment.

We know it can be nerve-wracking leaving your dog in a new environment for the first time and a lot of owners wait until the very end of our opening hours, however if you arrive late we will not be able to take him in and you will have to rebook for another day. We stick to a very strict routine which allows our dogs to settle in quickly with minimal stress, and dogs who have stayed with us for more than a few days can sense when our opening times have ended, and any dogs being introduced to the pack after this time can upset them.

If your dog fits in well like the many others before him, then we can go ahead and arrange day care and home boarding!

Dog Boarding Prices start fro £20-25 per day